Check in / Check out

Check in / Check out

Can PGH arrange early or late check-in for me?

Residents should check in on the official check-in date. Due to the tight cleaning schedule, no early check-in can be arranged. For deferral of check-in, you may apply for it via designated form (#B of this page).

What should I bring for check-in?

You should bring:

1) Any identification documents (e.g. HKID card/Passport/Student ID card/Admission Notification), and

2) a recent passport size photograph.


Besides, you are suggested to also bring the following belongings with you upon arrival:

1) Bedding (sheet, pillow, blanket, etc.) (mattress size)

2) 3-pin extension units

3) Personal hygiene products

4) Other personal belongings


You are suggest to read the information provided on the “Check-in Procedures“.

Can I authorize a delegate to collect or return the hostel keys?

No. All residents should collect and return the hostel keys IN PERSON. Residents found leaving hostel keys to another person (including roommate(s)) will be fined HK$1,000.

If you are out of Hong Kong, you may return the hostel keys by registered post or express to PGH Office. If you are moving out when the counter is no staff around, please leave your keys in the office letter box. If you do not return your keys, the check-out procedure is deemed incomplete, and you will still be liable for future hostel fees.

What if I found some damaged furniture in the room when I check in?

New residents should report the damaged furniture or any abnormal condition of the room immediately on the Repairing Log Book, which is located at the counter of PGH 1, 3 or 4 within 7 days from the date of keys collection.

How to apply for the hostel withdrawal? When is the deadline?

Residents should tender the withdrawal application via Hostel Withdrawal Notification and Request for ‘Hostel Deposit’ Refund” form.

Residents who want to withdraw from the hostel must tender the form to the PGH Office before 20th of the previous month of the expected check-out date.

Please note that if you withdraw early from the hostel before term ends, you are still obligated to pay hostel fee up to the end of the term, except for successful application for exemption from paying the hostel fee for early withdrawal due to special reasons, such as health condition, early graduation, joining exchange program, termination of study. Please refer to Declaration & General Information here for more details.

Also, you are suggested to read the information provided on the “Check-out Procedures“.

Can I apply for late check-out?

No. Students should check out on or before their check-out date. Please note that late check-out or return of hostel keys will be fined $600 per day. Should you have any special reasons, please contact PGH Office with supporting document(s) for consideration.

Can PGH store my luggage for a few days?

We do not provide such service as space is limited in the hostels.