Living in PGH

Can I change room or swap bed space with my roommate or other hallmates?

No. Residents should stay in the hostel place as allotted. Change room or bed space without authorization will be penalized. If you have special reasons, please send your request with supporting documents to PGH Office via email. Note that requests are normally granted for medical reasons with strong evidence only.

Will I get to reside in the same room throughout the residency period?

Accommodation is considered on a yearly basis and there is no guarantee of accommodation or staying in the same room for the whole normative period of study. Even within an academic year, residents may have to move to another room for repair and maintenance or other reasons as requested by the PGH. If residents would like to continue their residency for the next academic year, they should tender a hall residency application again.

How do I extend my stay when my normative period ends?

No extension is allowed as rooms are in high demand. You are advised to arrange off-campus housing with reference to LCES, Office of Student Affairs.

Do PGH provide bedding in the room?

You have to prepare your own bedding but a mattress is provided. Mattress size is as follows:

JCPGH 1 JCPGH 2 & 3 PGH 4-6
85 cm x 193 cm x 4″ 90 cm x 212 cm x 4″ 85 cm x 193 cm x 4″
Can I use my own electrical appliances in PGH?

No, large electrical appliances are not allowed to be used in the room, e.g. washer, dryer, fridge, air-conditioner, etc. For small electrical appliances, the plug and voltage must comply with Hong Kong standard (refer to EMSD). Residents are recommended to report it to the PGH office in advance for a thorough evaluation. Residents have to pay for all damages or repairing expenses of overloading of electricity, insulator breakdowns or short circuits, etc. due to improper use of electrical appliances.

How to apply for an address proof?

New residents may directly claim the address proof at the counter after check-in while current residents may request one at the counter as well. Address proof will be issued in one to two working days.

What should I do if I find a suspicious stranger in the hostel?

Please notify our staff immediately or contact the Security Office at 3943 7999.

What should I do when defects are found in my room or public areas?

Please report the defects on the Repair Log Book in person at the counter of PGH 1, 3 or 4.

Is there access to the internet/Wi-Fi in hostels?

Student residents can access the campus network, Internet Services and Wifi in their rooms with no extra charge when they have CWEM password. In case of any problem, please refer to ITSC website here.

Is there any room cleaning service?

Cleaning service is provided in communal areas only. Residents should be responsible for cleaning their own room.

Is there any mailing service?

Yes. Residents can send letters through the counter, however, stamps should be prepared by residents. Residents who will move out from hostels are reminded to change their personal mailing address. PGH do not receive mails for former residents and non-residents.

Can I ask my friend to collect my parcels at the counter or take some belongings for me from my room?

Yes. Please send an email of authorization to PGH Office with your name, Student ID, your room number as well as your delegate’s name, Student ID or HKID for our further handling. Please note that residents should never hand their CU Link Card and hostel keys to others since this violates the Hall Regulations.

What should I do if I made online shopping?

Parcels generally will be placed at designated area outside of the hostels. The PGH General Office only receives speed posts or small parcels for residents who have authorized the Office to do so and stated clearly what is inside at the office counter. The content of the parcel should cost less than HK$1,000 and the size of the parcel should be less than 300mm x 300mm x 300mm.

Can I cook in the pantry?

You may prepare your meals in the pantry, but extensive cooking is not allowed. Besides, there are plenty of canteens on campus, please refer to here.

Do I need to compensate for the damaged furniture in my room?

Residents damaging any of the Hall properties shall be liable to pay for all the damages done. The amount of compensation depends on the quotation of the contractor.

Can I add or relocate furniture in my room and communal areas?

Residents may add their own furniture in the hostel rooms provided that these furniture would be removed when they move out from the Postgraduate Halls or switch to another hall / room.

However, residents should not remove, relocate or expropriate any furniture, fitting, fixture or facilities which belong to the Postgraduate Halls provided in residents’ rooms or communal areas, or attempt to interfere with or dismantle existing fittings, or install/affix new fittings without prior permission from the Postgraduate Halls Management.

Where can I store my food and cooking utensils?

Residents may store their well packed / labelled food in the refrigerators in the pantries.  Because of the limited space of the refrigerators, food marked with “storage in room temperature” should be kept in the hostel rooms.

Cooking utensils should be washed after use and stored in the hostel rooms.

Can I invite friends or family to my room?

Generally speaking, visitors are allowed during visiting hours (8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.) only. Residents who wish to host overnight visitors should apply in advance. Please note that it is subject to latest University / hostel policy.

Can I park bicycle in PGH?

We provide bicycle parking lots in JCPGH 1 and JCPGH 2&3. Residents should apply for bicycle permit via online application. Abandoned bicycles or bicycles without permit will be removed without prior notice.

Is there any security services in hostel?

Yes. Our staff will patrol regularly in hostel. In case of emergency, please notify our staff immediately or contact the Security Office at 3943 7999