PGH Residents’ Association

PGH Residents’ Association


PGHRA, The Postgraduate Halls Residents’ Association, aims to speak for its residents and enrich their hostel experience.

Comprising of PGH1-6, we strive to organise enjoyable and engaging activities for the residents so as to create memorable experiences for all postgraduate students during their studies in Hong Kong.

In the last few terms of our election, we have managed to provide the students with adventurous outings such as hiking, boating and festive BBQ sessions, for instance on Mid-Autumn Festival. Moreover, PGHRA also organised engaging and useful indoor fitness activities such as a Badminton Game and even a logo-making and cooking competition with fabulous prices.

While PGHRA has been grateful for your support in the last years, we look forward to receiving your warmth and support in the new term of 2023-2024.

We promise to not only amplify your voices so that your needs are heard and taken care of but also ensure a smooth and stable stay at the Postgraduate Halls during this time of Pandemic.

Hope you all have a fruitful and productive year ahead while we take the responsibility for some fun and relaxing activities coming your way soon.




If you have any feedback regarding PGH, please click the following form and write to us:

PGHRA Executive Committee 2023 – 2024

CHAO Elizabeth Ting
Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I am a second year PhD student in Mechanical and Automation Engineering from Canada. I like painting and taking photos when I'm not building robots!
Vice President
Hey there! I'm Daniel, the vice-president, living in PGH1. I'm a second-year student studying Mechanical and Automation Engineering. When I'm not hitting the books, you can find me cycling or treating myself to some tasty fast food. I'm stoked to be a part of PGHRA and have the chance to give back to the community.
JIN Xingguang
Vice President
Hi! This is Ray, a PhD student in mathematics. It is my great honour to be a member of PGH RA. I like math, classical music and harry potter. Feel free to connect with us and your voice will be heard!
ZHU Shengtong
Hi, I am Albert, a Year 3 PhD student in Information Engineering. I like sports. Nice to meet you~
ZHOU Zhuoya
Hi! I am Zoya, a second-year Ph.D. student in physics. Nice to meet you all~
NIE Yikun
General Administrator
I'm Yikun Nie, a Year 2 PhD student from the Department of Electronics Engineering. I live in PGH1. I like hip-hop dancing and outdoor activities.
YU Juelei
General Administrator
I am a second year student of PhD in medical science. I live in the postgraduate hall 1.
General Administrator
Hi, I'm Tao, a second-year Ph.D. student in Mathematics and I'm currently living in the PGH 3 now. Please let me know if you have some good ideas.
YANG Liuyue
General Administrator
Hey there! I'm Bella, a first-year PhD student studying Microbiology. I love ballet and I'm always up for trying out new things!
HOU Yangfeng
General Administrator
Hi, I am Yangfeng HOU, a first-year PhD student in Chemical Pathology from Hunan province, China's Mainland. I am also a doctor doing research on cardiovascular diseases. I like to jog or go to the gym after work. Currently, I am living at PGH1. Glad to see you in CU and PGHRA!
LAU Sui Chiu
General Administrator
Hi, I am Nathan. I am a 1st-year MPhil student and I am studying asrtophysics. I am currently living in PGH1. I love sports, especially water sports. I am happy to be at your service.
CHEN Yuang
General Administrator
Hi, there! I am a first-year MPhil student in Philosophy. I am a trail runner, and I am also into comics. Nice to meet you:)
General Administrator
Hi, I'm Sigrid (Sun Xin) and I am a first-year Ph.D. student in Electronic Engineering. Feel free to contact me at any time and I am great to see you in PGH activities!
ZHONG Xiangyu
General Administrator
Hi, this is Joe. I’m a first-year Ph.D. student in Information Engineering. I hope our PGHRA could gather people together for a better living! Glad to meet you all!
ZHU Kaiqin
General Administrator
Here is Ava from Ph.d in accounting. My favorite interests are drawing and hiking. I also like reading when I'm off from academic work. Great honor to be in the PGHRA. Glad to see you~