Check-out Procedures

Check-out Procedures

Submit Online Withdrawal Notification

Residents who wish to withdraw from the hostel must submit the following online form on or before the cut-off date set out, i.e. the 20th of the previous month of the leaving month. The specified check-out date is listed in Part B – Q6 of the online form. A confirmation email will be sent in 2 weeks.

Hostel Withdrawal Notification And Request For “Hostel Deposit” Refund


Check-out Period Submission Cut-off Date Check-out at or before 12 noon on
First Term
September 2024 20 August 2024 30 September 2024
October 2024 20 September 2024 31 October 2024
November 2024 20 October 2024 30 November 2024
December 2024 20 November 2024* 20 December 2024
Second Term
January 2025 20 December 2024 31 January 2025
February 2025 20 January 2025 28 February 2025
March 2025 20 February 2025 31 March 2025
April 2025 20 March 2025 30 April 2025
May 2025 20 April 2025* 31 May 2025
Third Term
June 2025 20 May 2025 30 June 2025
July 2025 20 June 2025 17 July 2025

*Residents who decide NOT to continue hall residence in the next term are required to submit the notification form on or before the cut-off date.

If residents would like to revoke their withdrawal notification, they must send the request via email before the cut-off date.


On Check-out Date
  • Room should be resumed to its original setting and in fairly good condition.
  • All personal belongings in room and communal areas (pantry, fridge, bathroom, mailbox) must be removed. Otherwise, cleaning fee may be incurred.
  • Return keys to PGH Office via the following methods:
1. Return keys at PGH counter Applicable to residents who are in hostel.
2. Return keys by speed post Applicable to residents who are out of Hong Kong.

Keys must be mailed directly to the following address no later than check-out date:

General Office
Postgraduate Hall (1 or 3 or 4)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, Hong Kong

3. Return keys to Collection Box Applicable when no staff is on duty at counter.

Residents may follow instructions and return keys to the collection box near counter.

Important Notes

1) Keys must not be handed to others (including roommates), otherwise a fine of $1,000 will be incurred.
2) If you do not return your keys, the check-out procedure will be deemed incomplete, and you will still be liable for future hostel fees.
3) Late check-out will be charged $600 per day.

Deposit Refund

Hostel deposit will be refunded to the bank account provided within 2 to 3 months after the official check-out date, given that no damage is found in the room and there is no outstanding fee.

Authorizing Delegate for Packing Belongings

Residents may opt for authorizing a delegate to pack their belongings if they are out of Hong Kong.

Request of such authorization must be made in advance to the PGH General Office via email. Details, including delegate’s full name, his/her SID/HKID and packing date and time, must be provided in the email for our arrangement. The packing should be one-off and within 1.5 hours.

The delegate must register at counter on the packing date. Our staff shall open the door for him/her.

Please note that PGH Office does not provide packing service nor luggage storage.