Am I eligible for applying for Postgraduate Halls?
How to submit the HK$2,000 application fee if I am away from Hong Kong?

Please prepare a cheque payable to “The Chinese University of Hong Kong” and send it to PGH via registered post or speed post. Please note the cheque sample and PGH postal address.

I am on the waiting list. When will it be my turn?

Applications on the waiting list will be handled subject to the availability of vacancies. No estimated date of allotment can be provided. We shall notify students concerned whenever he/she is allotted a room.

Can I choose my own roommate(s)?

New shared room residents

‎‏‏‎Only 1st round successful shared room applicants can apply for roommateship. However, the success of roommateship depends on the availability of vacant rooms and the number of applicants. Application may fail if there are not enough vacant shared rooms.

Current shared room residents

They can apply for forming roommateship by fulfilling below conditions:

  • Current roommate(s) will move out by official check-out date in July; &
  • Only partner with resident(s) whose room number is not yet assigned.

Please refer to the Notes to Applicants for the details.

Can I choose a specific room type?

You can indicate your preference of hall / room type in the online application form, but you cannot choose a room with specific features. You are recommended to refer to the introduction of each hall and room type on our webpage before tendering an application. Please note that all rooms are allotted by lot drawing and allotted hostel places are NON-TRANFERABLE.

As a current resident, can I choose to switch hall / room?

Yes, you may apply for that by indicating your preference in the online application for hall residency for the next academic year. Please note that application is NOT guaranteed to be successful. Successful applicants should move to the newly allotted room when informed by the PGH General Office. All current residents who fail in the application of switching hall/room must stay in their current room.

As a current resident, if I am successful in the application of switching room, can I give up moving to the new room and stay in my current room?

No. When the application of switching room is successful, you must move to the newly allotted room when informed by the PGH General Office.

Can I change the preference or personal information after submission of my application?

You are strongly advised to check carefully all the information before submitting the application. Amendment will only be considered BEFORE the application deadline. Please contact PGH Office via email for this request.

If I want to give up this year’s hostel place, can I get back the application fee or transfer the application fee to next academic year's application?

Application for hostel is on a yearly basis. Once an application has been confirmed successful, the application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE in any circumstances.

I was on the waiting list last year. Will I get a higher priority this year?

Application for hall residency is considered on a yearly basis. All rooms are allotted by drawing lots but not on a first-come-first-served basis.

Can I reside in the same room of PGH with my spouse?

We have a few couple rooms in JCPGH 1 for married couples to apply. However, both applicants must meet the eligibility of hall residency and these rooms are subject to availability.