PGHRA Activity: Register for Graceland Music Club: Sing and make friends!

Dear residents,


PGHRA Activity: Register for Graceland Music Club: Sing and make friends!



Let’s just sing and make friends via music!


If there are many times that you want to sing with friends like Karaoke but hard to gather them with busy life, or that you enjoy singing but without proper events to sing loudly, or that you hear beautiful songs but with no people to share…Come join this Music Club!


Graceland is a music club only for PGH residents. Run away from your busy study life to enjoy music for 2 hours every week! The club hosts a periodical music activity for club members every week. We will know each other, play games, and enjoy singing at each activity with specific topic. Activities are open to club members only! Register to be a club member now!


Club membership registration details:

Date:  Now-27 Nov 2023

Quota: 30

Fee: Free with HKD100 refundable cash deposit

Method: 1. Fill in the online registration forms first. (Registration link: , or scan the QR code in the poster)

  1. Pay HKD100 refundable deposit at PGH 1/ 3/ 4 counters in cash.

Notes: First pay, first served. Successful registration email will be sent to club members after 27th Nov. Full deposit will be refunded upon 3 successful attendances for weekly activity. There will probably be a regular registration for club enlargement every two months, based on the demand. But registration fee may be charged next time.


Some details for weekly club activity:

Date: Saturday or Sunday, weekly or biweekly

Time: usually 4p.m.-6p.m.

Fee: Free for club members only

Language: English and Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua).

Future topics: Call me by a song / Color of music / To love / My Unbeknown / Jay Chou / …

More details: to club member only.


If you have any questions, please email us:  As this is a students’

organization, we will try our best to reply in three working days.


Best Regards,