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The Postgraduate Halls (PGH) consist of six buildings, Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall (PGH 1), Chiang's Building (CHI), Inter-University Hall (IUH) and PGH 4 to 6, offering about 1,100 hostel spaces. Postgraduate students taking full-time Research programmes or full-time UGC-funded Taught programmes are eligible to apply for residence at the Postgraduate Halls.

Eligibility for Application

In view of the current shortage of hostel places, no on-campus accommodation can be provided for students taking Self-financed Taught programmes or Part-time programmes.

Please note that continuing students (extending beyond the normative period of study) are no longer eligible to apply for the postgraduate halls, and are recommended to visit the webpage of Incoming Students Section, Office of Student Affairs or send email to or call the staff there at 39437945 for information regarding off-campus accommodation.

Application for Residence at the Postgraduate Halls 2017/18

Eligible postgraduate students can still tender their applications after the first round deadline on 28 April 2017 as application is accepted throughout the year. Application form can be downloaded at the homepage and download page of our webpage. Applicants should submit the completed application form with cheque/ cashier order/ bank draft of amount HK$2,000 payable to “The Chinese University of Hong Kong” and the supporting documents via registered post/ speed post to “General Office, Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall (PGH 1), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong” or to the PGH 1/CHI/PGH 4 Office by hand.

Due to insufficient hostel places, some on-time applicants who are not successful in lot drawing, are put on the waiting list. All applicants submitted after the deadline 28 April 2017 will be defined as “Late Applications” and be put on the waiting list. Late applications will be processed later than the on-time applications. The waiting list is on numerical order of the student identity number, not on list of priority.  

Should there be vacancies for the students on the waiting list, the PGH General Office will contact them individually through email. They should take their responsibilities to check their emails and update their email addresses to the PGH Office if there are any changes. When the cheques expired without any replacement, the application will be invalid. The applicants therefore should check the expiry dates of their cheques and renew them on time if they want to continue to wait on the waiting list.

Result of Application with Hall Number, Room Type and Room Number

Please check the “Result of Application with Hall Number, Room Type and Room Number (2017/18)” in the link listed at the end of the homepage. All applicants will not receive individual notification of the results except the applicants who should register on 1 September 2017. Please refer to “Procedures for Postgraduate Halls Registration 2017/18” for details.

All successful applicants have to commit to hostel accommodation by academic terms with an allowance to pay the hostel fee by monthly instalments. Residents have to pay the hostel fee until the end of the term even though they leave the hostel in the middle of the term. The academic year is divided into three terms: 1 August to 22 December 2017, 1 January to 31 May 2018, and 1 June to 18 July 2018. Only residents with special reasons such as graduation, internship, exchange and medical condition can apply for exemption from paying for the whole term.

Once the application has been confirmed successful by the Selection Board, the HK$2,000 application fee will ONLY be used to settle part of the first two months’ hostel fee and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Once registered and/ or obtained the hostel keys, the resident will be billed for the whole month’s rent, HK$3,500 deposit and HK$20 Residents’ Association fee.  

Early Check- in MUST Get Prior Approval through Email

For successful applicants who are non-local students and have admission date on 1 August 2017, and would like to check in to the allotted room from 29 to 31 July 2017, they MUST send e-mail to the PGH General Office at least 7 working days in advance prior to arrival. For those approved to check in earlier, they will be charged at $150/night per head for single room and $120/night per head for shared room. They will be charged at residents’ rate according to hall and room type from 1 August 2017 onwards. Residents who check in earlier in July are NOT required to attend the hall registration on 1 August 2017.

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