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Eligibility for Application for Residence at the Postgraduate Halls

In view of the current shortage of hostel places, no on-campus accommodation can be provided for students taking Self-financed Taught programmes or Part-time programmes.

Please note that continuing students (extending beyond the normative period of study) are no longer eligible to apply for the postgraduate halls, and are recommended to visit the webpage of Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section, Office of Student Affairs or send email to or call the staff there at 39437945 for information regarding off-campus accommodation.

Application for Residence at the Postgraduate Halls 2021/22

The Application for Residence at the Postgraduate Halls 2021/22 is now open. The 2021/22 Postgraduate Halls hostel year commences on 1 August 2021 (Sunday) and ends on 18 July 2022 (Monday). Please refer to the Online Application 2021/22 and read carefully the "Notes to Applicants 2021/22" before completing the application.

Applications on the Waiting List 20/21

Due to insufficient hostel places, some on-time applicants who were not successful in lot drawing, have been put on the waiting list. Whenever there is a withdrawal, we shall draw lots from the on-time applicants on the waiting list as the first priority. The applications submitted after the deadline will be processed according to the time of application received. Should there be vacancies for the students on the waiting list, the PGH General Office will contact them individually through email. They should take their responsibilities to check their emails (all email boxes) and update their email addresses to the PGH Office if there are any changes. When the cheques expired without any replacement, the application will be invalid. The applicants should check the expiry dates of their cheques themselves. The list is on numerical order of the student identity number, not on the basis of priority.

Measures in Hostels under COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 situation which is unlikely to disappear shortly, preventive measures, including social distancing, minimizing of group activities and other infection control measures, are required in the Postgraduate Halls in order to combat the spread of COVID-19 until further notice. For more details, please refer to the notices posted at the bottom of the page. Besides, certain floors in JCPGH 1 will be reserved as backup room for emergency use.

On the other hand, according to the university, people with medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, immunosuppressive drug therapy, heart disease, HIV and other clinical conditions are considered as high risk subjects if contracted COVID-19. Since it is a grouped living condition in the Postgraduate Halls where inevitably many facilities are being shared, students should acknowledge the risk of infection if they wish to live in hostels.

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