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The Postgraduate Halls (PGH) consist of six buildings, Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall (PGH 1), Chiang's Building (PGH 2), Inter-University Hall (IUH) - PGH 3 and PGH 4 to 6, offering about 1,100 hostel spaces. Postgraduate students taking full-time Research programmes or full-time UGC-funded Taught programmes are eligible to apply for residence at the Postgraduate Halls.

Application for Residence at the Postgraduate Halls 2015/16

The list of successful applicants with Halls (PGH 1, PGH 2, PGH 3 or PGH 4-6) and room types (single rooms or shared rooms BUT without room numbers) for registration dates on 31 July and 1 September 2015, as well as the applicants on the waiting list can be found in the links at the bottom of the home page as well as in the “Announcement” page. The result will also be posted on PGH notice boards. Please read carefully the procedures the applicants should take. There are registration documents for different hostels that will be uploaded in June 2015. Please observe our web site and follow the registration procedures then.

Late Applications

Due to insufficient hostel spaces, some on time applications are not successful in lot drawing and put on the waiting list. All applications submitted after the deadline 30 April 2015 will be defined as “Late Applications” and put on the waiting list. Late applications will be processed later than the on-time applications. The waiting list is on numerical order of the student identity number and is not concerned with the priority.

Applicants should fill in the form “Application for Residence at the Postgraduate Halls 2015/16” (can be downloaded from below) and submit the completed form with a cheque/bankdraft of HK$2,000 payable to “The Chinese University of Hong Kong” and the photocopy of the “Admission Notification” or student identity card. Applications without sufficient materials will not be proceeded.

Should there be vacancies for the students on the waiting list, the PGH General Office will contact them individually through email. They should take their responsibilities to check their emails and update their email address to the PGH Office if there are any changes. When the cheques expired without any replacement, the application will be invalid. The applicants should check the expiry dates of their cheques. 

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