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Proposed Hostel Fees - 2020/21

The hostel fee of JCPGH 1 and PGH 4-6 includes electricity and water charges. It does not include air-conditioning, laundry (which are operated on the octopus card system), or costs of meals. For JCPGH 2/3, there is a meter installed for monitoring the electricity usage of each room. A basic electricity usage level (140kWh per room per month) is provided for free for residents. Electricity fee ($1/kWh) will be separately charged for the usage above this level to each room (shared by 2 residents in case of a shared room) based on individual metering on a monthly basis.

Student residents can access to the campus network, Internet Services and Wifi in their rooms with no extra charge when they have CWEM password. All student residents are required to pay a resident deposit of $3,500 and an annual fee of $40 of the Postgraduate Halls Residents' Association. Residents have to commit to hostel accommodation by academic term but hostel fees are collected on a monthly basis.

Once the application has been confirmed to be successful, the $2,000 application fee will ONLY be used to settle part of the first two months' hostel fee and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Once registered and obtained the room key, the applicant will be billed for the whole month's rent, $3,500 deposit and $20 Residents' Association fee and has to commit to the whole term's payment. The deposit of $3,500, subject to no outstanding claims, is refundable three months after the end of each academic year or after the termination of residence.

The proposed hostel fees for academic year 2020/21 are as follows:

Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall 1, 2, 3 (per resident per month)

  • Single room HK$3,675
  • Shared room HK$2,430

Postgraduate Halls No. 4 to 6 (per resident per month)

Payable on monthly basis:

Room Type Hostel fee per month
Single room   HK$3,090 HK$3,310
Shared room HK$1,835 HK$2,070 HK$2,245 HK$2,430
(depends on room type)

The proposed hostel fee has been approved by the University